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Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 11:21 PM

Bait and Switch!

On May 1, 2015 I was in Reno, an 80 mile trip from home. I stopped in to the AT&T Corporate Store on Kietze Ave. just to ask questions, and ended up walking out with a new contract, iPhone and LG tablet.


I was planning on upgrading, just not that day.


I asked my questions (primarily regarding peripherals and accessories) and "Steffi" the AT&T rep, talked me into actualy upgrading my service.


We weighed the differences between the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, walked from one side of the store to the other to actualy "look" at the velcro'd dispay models, then sat to discuss money.


Given the slight differences, it only made sense to go with the iPhone 6.


Once my decision was made, we went about finaizing the deal and I left with (what I thought) was an iPhone 6 plus the additional LG tablet linked to the new contract.



Not really; read on...


Because I have discount rights with Lifeproof, I did not buy any accessories during my visit, but once home, I set about ordering new cases and other accessories specifically for MY NEW iPHONE 6. 


It's my own fault for not paying attention, but in looking back, the whole deal has elements of shadiness:


I never physically compared the 5 and 6; they were on opposite sides of the store and tethered in place


The new iPhone was brought out, already out of the box, and I only compared it to my old iPhone 4. "It willl look bigger in the new Lifeproof case that you get for such a great deal" was the reps comment. Odd


I never handled the phone and the box at the same time (didn't touch the box until today).



Once we were done, everything was bagged and I left to meet a friend an hour away, and I didn't touch the bag again until this morning, Sunday, May 3rd.


I hadn't dealt with the tablet, and when I went to grab it, I noticed the new Iphone box, and it clearly says


"iPHONE 5S"!


I feel this is a clear bait and switch situation in that there was no incentive for ME to go with a 5s!


Who does have incentive? AT&T, the corporate store and probably Steffi, the sales rep!


Does AT&T stand to make more money pushing me out of the store with an older, refubished iPhone that they've already cleared a huge profit on, than with a brand new, unused iPhone 6?


Yes. Yes, they do!


I'm really bummed. I hate doing these things period, which is why I wait so long to upgrade, and I was on the fence as to actually staying with AT&T or not; my cell service has gotten really bad lately, and my customer service experiences have been unpleasant.


But, once in the store, I was so impressed, I decided to stay with AT&T; I was greeted at the door, made to feel comfortable and with little pressure to sell me anything. I was engaged quickly, dealt with efficiently, allowed to be sold an upgrade and upon leaving, I left with a feeling of it being one of the best retail situations I've ever been a part of!


Now, I just feel stupid for being allowed to be taken advtange of.


I know this isn't over, and that I should expect a favorable outcome, but the principles (or, lack thereof) at work here are upsetting.


Now, I have to dedicate another full day to go back to Reno just to deal with this mess;

so full of regrets:


Shouldn't have stopped by the AT&T store

Should have just gone to Verizon like I had been planning.









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9 years ago

You're well within the 14 day return period, though it will cost you a $35 restocking return fee. But as unhappy you are with ATT, cheap in my opinion. You don't have to go to Reno to return it, any ATT corporate store can handle it. Then head over to Verizon and hope for better results.



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9 years ago

Like I said, I'm confident things will work out. Probably not in my favor,
especially if they try to hold me to your "restocking fee". And Reno IS the
closest place with att corporate stores. Thanks for your time;

[Please keep it courteous - Thank you]



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9 years ago

A shill? Are you kidding me; I'm just another customer like you. I agree you got taken. Your option is to return the phone and change carriers. How does that make me a shill?


Why do you come to a user to user forum to let off steam and then insult the people who try to help you?

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