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Saturday, September 1st, 2018 3:19 PM

BAD experience with ATT Customer Service

For the last month I've experienced difficulties with my account. A month ago, I added a new line to my plan and bought 2 new iPhones. Since then, everything has been a mess. My account online is not updated with the plan that I had. The ATT rep that made the changes, which was only adding a new line, took me out my plan and downgrades me with the new line. As soon as I realized that mistake was made I called ATT and asked them to fix it. After that my account was still not update it online. 2 weeks passed by, and nothing happened. I called one more time and they told me everything was updated and fixed, when I checked my account was not updated it. After 10hr combined talking to ATT over the phone I decided to go to an ATT store, where the store Manager advised me that my SIM card was not activated correctly. He dis-activated my working SIM card and was not able to activate a new SIM card. I was in the store from 11 am to 7pm and nothing was resolved. I was with no line since 8/28/2018 to 8/30/2018. I was online with an ATT expert on Friday 8/30/2018 from 7 am to 4pm and after being transfer over and over from one department to another, no one could fix this problem. I went to the store again on 8/30/2018 and the only solution they found was to change my number, which I have since 6 years ago. I really feel like if you have any problem with ATT you have no hope at all. Currently (9/1/2018) I am not able to check my balance, or to see my bill online since apparently is a difficult, impossible problem to fix. I already called different departments in ATT and they answer is that they will be escalated this issue. It feels that they escalated to nowhere. No one cares, no one answers and they all said the same: we don't know how to fix your problem...let me transfer you to the next department...etc. etc. Combined all the hours I've spent with ATT the last 3 weeks I've been talking almost 40 hrs. and no solution at all. I have my cell account, my internet plus my att DirecTV, I think I am a valuable customer, but I the end I think I am just a number to ATT. I’d really appreciated if someone fix my issue plus call me and may be offered me something appealing to me to stay more years with my 3 services. At least to feel appreciated.  At this point, I think I’d rather go without those services than dealing with the Customer Service with ATT.

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5 years ago

First I suspect you aren’t dealing with An ATT company store, but an authorized retailer.  A company store  wouldn’t be fool enough to change your number.  BTW, that’s going to screw up your BOGO, so that’s next in a couple months.  

Call ATT and ask for loyalty. Explain what happened.  

If you don’t get a good response, file a BBB complaint and someone high up in ATT who is capable of fixing things will contact you.  

Please let us know how it goes.


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