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Mon, May 27, 2019 3:30 AM

ATT&T account, Prepaid cards, balance, expiration dates

I have a prepaid att account and bought 135$ worth and uploaded it on my att account for the plan of 65$ a month but what happens to the money after 90days and it was not used  towards my bill? And I have extra prepaid cards I bought so I can upload those when I’m all out of money on my account but I bought them the same time I bought the 135$ and put it on my account so after my 90 days are those cards still useable/ able to upload to my account? Or where does my money go that I don’t spend paying bills that is left over on my account after 90 days and not having uploaded my prepaid cards am I able to use them after 90days of purchase or do I have to upload those cards to my account before it expires? I need help ASAP bc I don’t want to lose money! I’d much appreciate it if someone would help me!!!!


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a year ago

Hi, @Davidson33,


We'd love to help with this. When you put money on a $65 plan, you're paying for the following month of service. this plan isn't a per-call, per-text, per-data usage plan. The 90 days is how long you're account will be active following, so even if you don't add more time, you won't lose the number and have to start over fresh.


If you have paid for extra cards, go ahead and activate the cards on your account. This will permit you to still be able to make calls, texts, and use data through your device. To do so, just follow the instructions on the back of the card or dial 611 from your device and follow the prompts.


Have a great week!


James, AT&T Community Specialist

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