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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 3:22 AM

AT&T's Exceptionally Poor Customer Service and Untrained Staff



I am resorting to posting here because of my inability to solve a simple issue with AT&T unprofessional, untrained customer service.


I used AT&T for a few years until I decided to switch from a post-paid family plan to a pre-paid individual plan. After using prepaid for a year I decided to switch back to post-paid, I called AT&T prior to placing my order because I wanted to use the same number I was using on my prepaid account and this is what I was told


"Sir, if you want to switch simply place an order with us or online, once you recicve your phone, just give us a call and we can port your number over to the new sim"


I placed an order online for iPhone 6 and it arrived in the mail yesterday. I call AT&T's customer service, the first customer rep talks to me, does little to understand my situation and transnfers me to a pre-paid account (At this time I've spent a good 30 minutes on the phone with AT&T). The prepaid rep talks to me, speaks to his supervisor and says it can be done, transfers me to a number porting department, the number porting department tells me they only port numbers from other carriers to AT&T and transfers me to a different department, at this point my call gets dropped (I've been on the phone for more than an hour now, and now I have to start from scratch)


I call customer service again, they transfer me to a new department again, I speak to a supervisor and he doesn't know what to do either. After putting me on a hold for 30 minutes, he tells me I will have to go to a corporate store, return my new phone and place a new order. Which is absolutely ridiculous. When all they have to do is either, send me a new NANO sim for the iphone 6, or transfer my old number over to the new phone, which can easily be done. I've done this before a year ago, a friend of mine has done it as well.


I wasted more than 2 hours on the phone with AT&T and my issue still seems to be unresolved. Time is money, I cannot spend all my life educating AT&T's staff on how to do their job. 


I think it will be better to just start recording AT&T's customer service on the phone and posting the audio recordings online so everyone can know how poorly AT&T's customer service reps handle simple issues such as this without giving a rats a** about their customers time. Of course when it comes to charging, they tend to charge more than most of their competetive, but when it comes to resolving issues, they just take your money and leave you in a limbo.


I have a new iphone 6 turned off that I cannot use right now. Hopefully someone can guide me in the right direction.

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10 years ago

I'm so sorry this has been your experience, @r.ollin , this is unacceptable. We can certainly help. Send us a private message by clicking here, including your name, account number, contact information and the best time you can be reached. We have an amazing staff of managers and one of them will contact you within two business days to assist.



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10 years ago

I agree, I now have to record my conversations with ATT representatives because from one agent to the next their scripts, resolutions, and responses are completely different.


I was told that when you can ATT you actually get rerouted to other companies such as Convergys or techzilla who have not been properly trained and therefore give you whatever information comes to their mind at that time. 



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10 years ago

I wished I would've read these comments prior to my horrible ATT customer service experience yesterday. I was demeaned and lied to by an ATT rep and then by his supervisor. I should have recorded my hour of torture. I use the word LIE because after I hung up, I called ATT again. Only this time, a rep by the name of Adam was able to solve my issue in less than 15 minutes, when the other two told me that it was not possible. SMH

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