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Thursday, March 2nd, 2023 3:28 PM


I'm writing this because I just want everyone to know how shady AT&T is I'm doing this on behalf of my girlfriend who I've been with for almost 20 years she's been an AT&T customer for that entire time she's had her cell phone since we graduated high school together in the 90s. She's been a faithful AT&T customer since day one and never paid her bill late. About a year ago she was offered an upgrade on her plan to give her a new cell phone which she took advantage of because she always used them until they were pretty much tattered and broken and got a new s22 from AT&T with the promise that her plan would be left the same that it was from day one she is a teacher so she gets a discount followed by some other loyalty discounts and such and such keeping your bill around a certain amount of dollars. This new cell phone in turn raised her Bill $40 a month of which we have been trying to get straightened out for almost a year now every time we call and get a manager on the phone they tell us it's fixed and everything is back to the way it used to be before AT&T took it upon themselves to change it with the upgraded phone and then she gets her bill next month and it's back to charge to $30 to 40 more than it's supposed to be. Now I myself dropped AT&T as a service a long time ago because I thought their business like practices were poor, but for them to switch their her plan like they did raise our bill over $40 a month and then repeatedly tell her it's corrected and not have it corrected is pretty sad seeing how she's never paid a bill late in her life. So just recently she got into another debate with AT&T for 4 hours on the phone like usual about the bill because she was told the day before it was fixed and the bill was late so what does AT&T do they shut her service off. No mind you this is a customer that's never paid a bill late in her life they disconnect her service and then refuse to credit her the $40 to reconnect it they don't even address fixing the bill we can't even get the phone turned back on they're going to make us pay $40 to turn the phone back on a customer for 25 years never paid a bill late a day in her life so needless to say we're done with AT&T they're terrible and to let a customer of that caliber walk over a $40 reconnection fee that they put on the bill because they disconnected the service because they can't get the bill straightened out she's been lied to for over a year about this bill been told by numerous managers that it was corrected and yet to this day we have seen anything rectified to the way it was promised on the telephone not to mention the countless hours that has been spent wasted talking to these people that it's like talking to a tree stump. Just thought everyone should know I would never ever recommend AT&T to anyone for anything.

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1 year ago

First of all as another female, let your girlfriend speak for herself. She does not need a man to speak up for her.

  Second you don't know what plan she was paying for before, what plan she has now, or what the conditions of the upgrade were at the time. 

The only Samsung offers have been trade in deals. 

   You did not mention whether she participated in the cell phone deal, whether she was enrolled in a teacher's discount, whether or not she had signed up for auto pay and paperless billing which would it made a late payment impossible

Signature discounts cannot be stacked. The auto pay and paperless billing discount is the only stackable discount with the teachers 25% off discount

Late fee is $7.  Reconnect fee is $35.  Once late the bill has to be paid to a zero balance in order to resume service.

Service isn't disconnected for a 20 year customer for being a couple days late.  You have to be REALLY late, and have made no late payment arrangements. 

   And you should never count on a credit until it exists on the bill.  Not paying the full bill is a bad idea.  

To avoid disconnection, setting up a late payment in the online account is advised before the due date.

FYI, the current unlimited plans offer 25% off for teachers.   Unlimited data is required for phone deals.  

If she had questions on the bill, she could have asked a year ago. 

Everything is published on at&t website.... EVERYTHING. 

The cost of service plans, the cost of phones and the details of any phone promotions, and the signature discount program on current plans. 

If you're gonna throw shade, bring facts.  Which are severely lacking. 

Not saying AT&T didn't mess up. Maybe they did monumentally mess up. 

But bring supporting facts... Pardon, have your GF bring them.  It's her account. 

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