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Tuesday, April 5th, 2022 3:34 PM

AT&T skipped ID verification safety protocol

I was recently interested in trading my current device in for an iPhone 13. I filled out the required trade in information and submitted it. After doing that I got an email saying

"It looks like we couldn't complete your order 

To get things back on track, let's confirm that this order came from you. First, let's upload your identification. Simply tap here from your smartphone or tablet and follow the prompts. Be sure to have your driver's license, state ID, or passport handy.

You have 24 hours to upload your identification from the time you submitted your order. If we don't hear from you within that window, we'll have to cancel your order. If that happens, simply take valid identification to an AT&T store and we'll help you place a new order."

I like to do research so after I received that email I read a little more about the AT&T trade in program online. To my surprise I came across a lot of negative experiences with people mailing in there old device. They recommended going to your local AT&T store to mail in your old device. After reading that I decided I didnt want to trade my device in at this time. Per the email I received if I didnt upload my id in 24 hours the order would be cancelled, which was what I wanted since I was no longer interested in trading in my old device. So I DIDNT upload any identification and the 24 hours had passed which meant my order should now be cancelled. However 5 days later I get an email saying "Your order is on its way". 

My question is why did AT&T overlook there safety protocol and push the order through when I didnt upload my ID? Isnt that protocol in place to make sure there are no unauthorized purchases? It says right in the email they sent "lets confirm that this order came from you". What if my account gets hacked and the hacker orders thousands of dollars in phones and AT&T decides to overlook the safety protocol again? I want to believe they are going to follow this safety protocol every time but now I am not so sure they will.

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2 years ago

First, stopping orders to verify ID isn't the norm, so I wouldn't expect it every time unless there is something that flags your account. 

As for why this order went through, it's hard to say. We hear complaints from users all the time that orders were cancelled because they didn't verify their identity. It's definitely strange, but since this order was legit, I don't think you should spend any more time worrying about it. Just continue to be vigilante and follow common sense safety protocols like checking your bill every month. 

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2 years ago

Hey there @Letsgo1919! We appreciate your feedback and would like to help you report any fraud activity that happen to your account. 


Report fraud that occurs by email, text message, or phone.


If you are a victim of fraud, please dial 800-337-5373.

You can also contact any of the three major credit bureaus to place a fraud alert on your credit file. The fraud alert asks creditors to contact you before opening new accounts or making changes to your existing accounts.

We hope this help!


Thank you for reaching out to AT&T Community Forums.


Clarissa, AT&T Community Specialist

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