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Wed, Nov 25, 2020 7:33 AM


In September, I ran across an ad online for Access ATT. My husband is on social security due to his congestive heart failure, so we qualified for $10 a month home internet. We applied, got approved, and sent in the needed documentation, then last month we had an ATT technician come over and set up our internet. Exciting! About ten or so minutes into the tech installing the router, Another ATT employee drove up and walked to our front door. My husband opened the door , and he asked my husband what wireless company we are  with, how many lines, how much we pay, etc.... and before you know it, my husband is calling me into the living room and telling me to give this man my phone because  he got us new ones. When i refused, (the second sales rep) Adrian (will update post later if i got the name wrong!) gave me the same run down that he had just given my husband, about the phones being free and our bill would only be at the most 20 dollars more than our current bill...all of our phones would be upgraded, one of which would be the newest samsung, yada yada yada. i politely declined, apologizing for cutting him short and explained to him our situation. I told him we had been homeless for over a year up until getting this place literally 2 weeks ago. I let him know how much pressure I've been under, with me being the bread winner for our family because of my husband's condition. We told him his ssi payment doesnt even come close to paying our bills, and with me being slow at work due to the pandemic, we are cutting it so close as it is. I literally said to him, word for word, that as good as the deal sounded, i just could not afford to pay even the "20 dollars more" it was supposedly going to cost per month. PERIOD. Then he asked me if my husband told me about the $600 gift cards that would come with it. Of coarse this caught my attention. In my mind, I was thinking about how much that would help us out. Christmas was right around the corner. Thanksgiving even closer. He explained we wouldn't get the gift cards right away, i would have to look for the letter or email and then claim the gift cards, but that they would be here in time for christmas, or "if i wanted, i could even put the gift cards towards our phone bill, which is what alot of people choose to do". I thought about it for a little bit,  i mean, i had been with Metro for 10 years! and it was working for me, id rather not disturb a good thing!  so i said as good as it sounded, we werent going to do it because even though it sounded great, i didnt want to wake up in a month with no phone because i couldnt afford the extra money it was gonna cost for the bill, also explaining to him that we needed our phones on so i can get calls about work and he can keep in contact with his heart doctor. he reassured me that the first bill would be the only bill that would look like it was alot more, but that id get a $90 credit for it on my next statement. and at that point i said oh, no, absolutely not..., i couldnt afford to pay more and then wait for a credit. i Reminded him that we were just homeless `less than a month ago...i could feel my face getting hot because i was emotional and ashamed. i have never been in a position in life like this, being homeless is not only embarrassing but its also damaging to your self worth, self image, etc. and he responded with thats what the gift cards could be for. when all was said and done, i agreed to the deal, because the extra money would be a huge help.....aaaand then he hits me with the activation fees and taxes that were due right then. over 100 dollars. I flew off my handle. i said i knew there was a catch, said thanks but no thanks, and went to my room. i was so disappointed, i hate the fact that im 33 years old and am in a position in life where i dont have an extra hundred  and something dollars to spend on a set of phones. my depression has been on the rocks lately, and this was definately a damper. about twenty minutes later, i came out of my room and the att  guy was still here. i asked what was going on, and he said he had called his manager and he said he would drop it down to only charging us for the taxes, which was 46 dollars.  we had to use two different cards to muster up the money, and we were still a dollar something short. At that point, he should have thanked us for our time and walked away. i mean i wasnt joking when i said i can not afford a penny more! but instead, he pulled out his own bank card, charged it, and said no worries. he didnt ask to use it, didnt say he was going to do it, i only confirmed that he actually did it when i created my online account and looked at the online statement that was emailed to me later on. one could argue he was doing this to be nice, and another could argue he did it because of the commission or potential bonuses he could receive if meeting or beating a quota. with that being said, here we are a month later, and not only are our phones off, i find out we wont be getting the gift cards because our phones are supposed to be active for so many months in order to qualify for them, and on top of that there's a 40 dollar reactivation fee. so in order to get our phones back on, i have the 40 dollar reactivation charge, and the original $290 dollar charge...which puts me at $330.00. I am beyond (Edited per community guidelines), at ATT, at myself, at the sales rep. I will never be able to afford that. when we originally signed up, i asked adrian if there was any way to change our bills due date to the 1st of the month, and he had told us no. about a week before our phone bills were due, i signed on to myatt account and looked at our different payment options. one of the option was may part now, the rest later. so i split the bill up to pay so much of the bill on the 15th, and pay the rerst of it on the 30th. it accepted my split payment, i saved a screen shot of the confirmation. so i thought it was all good. until this morning. I'm livid, This is exactly what i was trying to avoid. My daughter, my husband, and I are now stuck phoneless. No way to keep in contact with family, doctors office, clients, potential clients. i have to pay to change my number on my fliers, which I cant afford to do right away... so that means i will lose potential business due to the ones that are already out there. nothing like picking up a flyer, seeing something that catches your eye, dialing that number, just to get a dial tone and hearing "this customer is not accepting calls at this time." what would you do then? I know what i would do. that flyer is going in the trash, and i'm moving on with my day. This is so disappointing. I didn't go into this blindly, i laid out the pros and cons, its not like i jumped into the deal because i fell for the gimmick. i know how advertising works, I knowhow a points based commission works, i know the legal aspects and what is and isn't okay....but where do you draw the line? when someone tells you they cant afford something, and then proves it, that's about when your morality radar should kick in. I cant say I would not have done the same thing had i just been a stranger passing by. No ill intentions toward the person who was short on cash at all, just seeing someone who was down on there luck and wanting to help out. i do this in the grocery store all the time. But this, this was more than that. There are so many other things to take into account. From a business point of view, the potential personal gain. What am I going to do now? I bet you he still has his phone. His still works. heck, he might have even got that bonus. What about us?



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2 months ago

Hi. I do apologize for everthing.. but please call AT&T for assistance.

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2 months ago


Always follow your first instinct. 

As for your service being cut off unfortunately that's on you for not keeping up with the bills. Metro is a prepaid carrier, AT&T is not

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2 months ago

Gave up on trying to read the whole novella, but it sounds like you agreed to the plan, you can’t prove what they said verbally, and you don’t even really know who they were or who they worked for. Probably nothing you can do.



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2 months ago

If you truly could not afford it, you should have stuck with saying no and not agree to get new service.


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