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Wed, Sep 9, 2020 6:27 PM

AT&T Reneged on a Special Offer

Hello Fellow Unhappy AT&T Customers,


Have any of you experienced receiving a custom offer from ATT Customer Loyalty in order to keep you as a customer only to then have it pulled out from under you? I have. It sucked, and ATT isn't doing anything about it. If you've experienced something like this I'd love to hear what you did.


Here's what happened.


My wife and I have been with AT&T for years, and we need to upgrade our phones. We both have iPhone 6s's that we've had for at least four plus years. Unfortunately none of the upgrade options were affordable and there weren't any deals for current customers. So we decided to switch to a carrier that had a special promotion that included new phones. When I called to cancel our service (our contract had expired and we were on a month to month deal) the agent asked if they could put me in touch with the Customer Loyalty Department to see if there was anything they could do to keep us. I said sure not expecting anything to come from it, but didn't see the harm in trying. 


After talking for talking to a very nice Customer Loyalty Rep for one hour and two minutes on Friday, September 4 (9:33am - 10:35am) we were given an amazing custom offer. In exchange for agreeing to a two-year contract at our current data plan and monthly rate ATT would give us an iPhone SE (64 gig) for $0.99 and an iPhone 11 (256 gig) for $399.99, which included the rep giving us his employee discount. I was shocked that all of this was possible, but he assured me that he had the ability and authority to extend this offer to us. Obviously we agreed, and the only catch was that we'd have to go into an ATT store to get the phones. Not a big deal as there's a store less than a five minute drive from our place. The rep put a note on our account and gave us a CM number (09012020131920) to give to the store reps so that they could pull up the custom deal.


When we got to the store an employee opened up our account and saw the note confirming the offer. They were happy to oblige, but didn't know how to process the custom deal so they called Customer Loyalty Department for instructions. This is when things went south.


The Customer Loyalty rep the store called informed us that it was an invalid offer because we were a residential account and not a corporate account. Something that NEVER came up during my call on Friday. I tried to reason with the rep on the phone, but they were rude and all they said was it was impossible to do. Not giving up so easily I hung up and called back to try another rep. I received the same rude response that the offer wasn't doable even though it had been made by one of their employees. No one offered any sort of explanation as to how or why this could have happened, and I wasn't offered any alternative deal beyond the standard upgrade plans. Not being one to give up I stayed on the phone for three plus hours and spoke to five different reps from different departments. Every time it seemed like we were making progress something would kick us all the way back to "sorry, that offer wasn't valid." 


All, I got was a half-(Edited per community guidelines) apology for the inconvenience. 


Suffice it to say we're switching carriers. I've also filed a complaint with the FCC and I'll file another with BBB.


What else can I do? 

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