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Tuesday, February 25th, 2020 4:22 PM

ATT remote sim card lock??

I attempted to lock my sim card to help with "sim_jacking", when I reset my phone to factory defaults I got locked out of my network. Now is asking for A puk code. I wrote everything down so I wouldn't forget. On 2-22-2019 I purchased A phone from walgreens, 37160, went to walmart to activate via display computer or phone, the my attempts were blocked. I then proceeded to the ATT store to get help, the rep stated he couldn't activate the phone for me, denied me access to the displays, and tried to deny me access to the voip phone sitting on the display shelf. It took an hour on the phone with ATT, complete the activation. After activation, the myatt app froze, I was unable to access my prepaid account information. my high speed data was used up in less than an hour. Today I decided to lock my simcard to prevent access, wrote all the changes down, someone changed the pin remotely, this is after attempting to get help about ongoing hate crimes and oppression

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4 years ago

nobody changed anything remotely not sure what your ramblin on about hate crimes and oppresion this isnt the right place for those discussions, at&t stores are not required to allow you use of any phone in the store what displaye were you denied access to?

this isnt at&t this is a customer forum were all customers here

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4 years ago

Its a brand new phone.. No one is going to want to sim jack a prepaid phone.

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4 years ago

Typically I label this a 'Sunday post' 🙄
Prepaid is accessed with paygonline website.
PUK code is either in you account or you have to call.
Factory resetting a phone doesn't block it from Network.

Seems you don't know what your doing, and should get help.
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