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Tuesday, April 25th, 2023 7:07 AM

ATT phone number

I had service with Straight Talk who was bought by Verizon. Verizon and Strsight Talk have TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! They never sent the free Verizon compatible sim and my service went out. I called them to see about transferring my number to my new phone and they said it belongs to ATT. Now I can’t get into my GMail account that has all my kids pictures backed up to it. Is there any way ATT can activate my phone number so I can get the code. Or can I port my old number over to my phone? Or what are my options?? 

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1 year ago

In order to port your phone number you need your straight talk account number and security PIN code and take that information to AT&T so they can port your number and get you a new SIM card. This is pretty much the universal method of switching service providers. Some require you have a port pin which is a special security pin code. I don't believe straight talk has such a code. You need to contact them for your account number if you don't already have it

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1 year ago

To specifically address what you said...

I called them to see about transferring my number to my new phone and they said it belongs to ATT

if you had service with Straight Talk, regardless of what carrier's towers your SIM worked with, the phone number belongs to Straight Talk.  AT&T has to port the number from Straight Talk.  If you were to move to Verizon (which it doesn't sound like you want to, but...), you'd still have to port from Straight Talk.

As formerlyknownas said, you contact your new carrier to port, and that would be AT&T if that's where you want to move to.


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