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Thursday, March 16th, 2017 3:35 PM

AT&T Next

Hi, I have AT&T Next (24 month) with an iPhone 6s Plus. I currently still have $400-450 to pay on it. I have found myself in quite the pickle by being laid off from my job recently.

So my main question is can I forfeit my phone without owing anything? Or is there anyway I can switch this phone to someone else's service plan and still pay the monthly installments for the phone? Is that a possibility? My mother in-law offered to put me on their AT&T plan until I find a stable job.

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7 years ago

You cannot return the phone to ATT.  And you are responsible to pay it off, even if you switch to someone else's account.  

The resale on the phone is quite high, you might do best to sell it, pay off the balance and buy an inexpensive replacement.  

ATT has several gophones that sell for less than $100, some far less.  Or you can activate any old ATT phone in its place.


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