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Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 3:06 AM

ATT location in Alexandria, LA lacks any and all customer support, lied to, accused of being a liar

I have DirecTV, Internet & now wireless and I will not accept how this location conducts business and illegally does transactions.. I am insulted my intelligence is insulted when I have MBA, told that phone care does different issues and is not accepted by said location. 


I am am not impressed with how unethical the store employees treat me; unimpressed with a credit of an amount no one can explain is and why it never was processed when the situation alone is stated by customer care unable to even do. 


I find underwhelming I am treated like last week’s trash, refused to have information regarding higher position employees stating I don’t have right to know who district management is and advised to leave location due to expressing legitimate facts.


To have switched carriers and now be handled in matters anyone would view as unacceptable is mindblowing. My service is basically horrible, LTE & likewise internet doesn’t work half the time and yet this account is less than two weeks old. 


I find my treatment and pitiful credit for a product I paid cash for should have been carried out more professionally. I paid cash, was informed location was about to close, and they instituted I give a credit card for refund. I oppose and they inform me the return had been processed and I had no additional option. However phone support states they are unable to process a refund if payment form is otherwise done.


The unproductive behavior is shocking, I am told 500 different things by store staff and phone support and if i will cancel all my services if I am hot satisfied by this outcome. I am also reporting the transaction this location carried out to state and federal agencies as it is illegal and no employee is able to state where this amount went as it was not placed on card. 


Assistant manager asked employee in my presence why transaction was carried out as done so when I paid cash and stated, “I told you that drawer was open.” Yet I was told my original cash payment was unable to be cash as systems were already closed.


I have attempted to purchase Apple Watch however waisted more than an hour as employees were unable to add to account yet no employee, which was 3 total could state the reason. 


I attwnpted to purchase wireless charger and employee did not attempt to assist me whatsoever thus I walked out. The offensive music playing with inappropriate language is unacceptable especially when I am unable to hear employee all in all.


Due to inability to answer whete this credit over nearly $100 went, I am unable to trust ATT with any of my credit card numbers and fearful my SSN has been stolen by an employee as there is no answer where these monies actually went into much less where to. I was not given receipt however I do have digital copy a phone rep sent me.


Also, plans are not accurate as to what I chose and was informed earlier today I never chose any other option. This is inaccurate and I also find it strange that I was informed company corporate discount no longer was on my account and later stated it is.


MyATT app is a poor excuse for a global corporation and I have never had any form of success dealing with it on any service. 


As to when I call in, my number is not found to be associated with my service and I have to give all types of other information to receive any support or to locate account.


 I have wasted over 8 hours attempting resolution which is unresolved to my acceptance and I will not approve of poor and unethical business practices that are insulting:


Does ATT lack care for customers who have all available services? Is this how a loyal customer whom has paid all bills on time is treated and normal?   


I am literally on the verge of ending all services and refuse payment of any form due to issues I can process within legal court systems due to illegal business actions and I would rather not do this but I am literally not given much more of an option. 


I expect the highest level of customer resolutions to contact me immediately as my situations I am forced to deal with is viewed as basically traumatic and unacceptable.


I now expect a phone call which will resolve  issues ASAP in regards to contacting me. I will not waste another minute of my time by any employee unable to create results that are to be fully expected. I will not pay one penny on any account I have whatsoever until I my situation is accepted as resolved and appropriately deemed. 



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6 years ago

The location of this corporate store is

Metrocenter Mall Store

1800 Macauthur Dr

Alexandria LA 71301



If if you visit this location, do not expect any form of customer service of any value whatsoever. The assistant manager is unprofesssional, rude, lacks full concern of issues, if you factually challenge his viewpoint, he will inform you to leave now as he is unable to resolve issues. He is insulting, states incorrect information and allows store employees to behave rudely, basically a mirror image of himself. 


By his statements, he is unaware of ATT policy and states information customer care via 611 states is not accurate nor appropriate:


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