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Thu, Dec 11, 2014 2:56 AM

At&t in Key West, FL 33040 Present you the level beyond horrify

Thank you for taking time to read from a frustrating customer of At&T, whom has been with you since 2005. My name is Ping. I have encountered with Tara from At&t in Key West store twice this week on different topic out of 3 visits.


Start from two days ago. Dec 08, 2014


Monday afternoon right off the work. I went to ATT store hoping someone will be kind enough to help on my issue with Iphone 6 plus. I was told by 611, they might be able to do the exchange after 14 days. I'm there, Tara came over helping me. I told her the story about how IPhone 6 plus being too big for the pocket, and less than 2 week I have lost one already. (i also recieved an insurance phone) If there is anyway I'd be able to switch to iphone 6. I know it is out of 14 days policy.


she said you can sell iphone back to us." I said sure how much.

"first you have to cancel the contract for this phone which is $300."

"then how much is this iphone 6 plus."

She went on her ipad, oh you have your phone on Sept 19.

"no I placed order on that day, received on Nov 12."

Tara said, "i don't see that on your account history, I will go ask my manager." She came back just to tell me, "FIRST YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS PHONE OUT OF CONTRACT ($300), THEN YOU CAN SELL." how much? "WE WON'T BUY IT!"

Shocked, "why do I wanted to cancel contract on the first place." Tara looked at me, "that's what he (manager) told me." I got to the main point, "you can't do anything to help me, you won't buy this phone back?" she said. "YES."


2 days later, December 10, 2014 


I went to the store at 5:30pm to pay my phone bill with a gift card from ATT, also asked for a Gold 64 iphone 6. sadly Gold has been sold out, only Grey or Black to choose from. I said to an agent, i really wanted Gold, he offered to ship one to me, I declined since I will be up in Miami for the weekend, then I will have more store to shop from. Off I went, called Apple and 611. No Gold phone anywhere in Miami. No I don't wanted iphone 4 anymore. (my wife is using the new iphone 6, and loaned me her iphone 4, sent iphone 5s to her dad)

so Grey it is... Back to the store...


6:30pm I'm there in the store again. Tara, came to me "how can I help you?" in a weak unpleasant tone. "I wanted an iphone 6 grey 16gb" I replied. I took out my Credit Card and driver license.

We stood by around table, she then told me right off there, (didn't even take my ID or ask for any information) "We cannot do any upgrade for you, on your 2 year contract IN STORE, only ATT Next service. You can switch to a next service, order online or call customer service to order one."

I was shocked, " WHAT! when, I did an upgrade back in Sept on other line."

"oh We just have this new policy about a month and half ago."

"So I have this old Family plan, then Im no longer eligible to upgrade in store anymore." "No"

"Ok, I will call 611 to verify this information."

She at this point said twice to me, "DON'T TRUST THEM, they will lie to you."

"I don't believe you already, so can I talk to your manager please."

She went inside a room, came back out fairly quick less than 30 secs. "We don't have anymore iPhones."

"no iphone 6, 16, 64, 128, or iphone 6 plus."

"Yes we don't have any iphone on hand to sell to you."

"Again I'd like to speak to your manager." She went in again, came out "nothing we can do here." Still manager come over to check on this situation. 


I was sad, disappointed, angry, frustated. I then called 611, Carol answered the phone said will make a notation in my account. He offered me to call 800-335-0500, for a formal complain as well. I did so. Then Kyle answered my phone call and said, he will document it, also offered me to write a letter to Att P.O 691020 Tulsa, OK


I now will tell my horrify story to everyone with any upcoming At&T solution on those incident.


JUST BECAUSE We live on this isolated island, we have small community, At&T has best signal here, you can monoploy the service! HOWEVER, I still wanted my fair customer experience. 


if you made this far, I sincerely thank you.


Ping from Key West.


[Edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]



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7 y ago


Hello @PingKeywest 


I'm very sorry you had some issues at one of our stores. I see that you've already filed a report on this, but I will go ahead and forward your feedback to the right people too. Please let us know if there is anything that you still need help with and our team will be happy to assist. You can send us a private message by clicking here.


Thank you,


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