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Tue, Feb 2, 2021 1:03 AM

AT&T Can't figure out my problem that THEY CAUSED

Friday morning I called to try and switch our account over from T-Mobile.

I clearly stated that we wanted 3 phone lines on a single account and that we would be porting over phone numbers.

The sales person on the phone somehow created 3 SEPARATE accounts and sent out 3 new phones to our home.

When we were attempting to activate these phones, all (Edited per community guidelines) broke loose.

We spent hours and hours and hours being bounced around from department to department with no useful help whatsoever.

The last person we spoke to on the phone wanted us to PAY IN FULL FOR ANOTHER SHIPMENT OF PHONES!! and send the original 3 back and wait for a refund.  They also wanted us to WAIT 30 DAYS and then call to have the accounts merged into one.

We went to an AT&T store Saturday night and spoke to someone that was helpful.  She was able to get us up an running on one phone line Saturday night, and then we had to come back at 10am the next morning to have the other two taken care of.

Again, we were told that we would need to wait 30 days to merge the accounts.   All because the original employee at AT&T was incapable of doing their job correctly.  This fact has been investigated and corroborated by MULTIPLE other customer service Reps.  I know because we've sat on hold long enough.

Everything was fine until today at 3PM when our service was disconnected.

The phones don't work.  AT. ALL.

We went over to the AT&T store and they are telling us that it has been turned over to the FRAUD department and that there is nothing they can do.

This is absolute GARBAGE.

AT&T made the mistake.  Their EMPLOYEE failed to do his job correctly.

We have invested almost 20 hours taking care of THEIR MISTAKE.

We can't even call them because the phones won't even dial into their number.

We have 3 phones sitting here that are totally useless.  We don't have a hard line because it's 2021.  Worst of all, my name is now associated with FRAUD because of their incompetence.

They are holding our phone numbers hostage, which we've had for over a decade.

This is the ABSOLUTE WORST customer service we have had the privilege of being a part of.

We need SOMEONE.  ANYONE. with AT&T that can help us.

We don't have thousands of dollars at our disposal to fix their mistake.

We aren't getting new phone numbers because of their mistake.

We are really trying to avoid considering what little legal action we have at our disposal.

Please help.


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What a mess. Unfortunately, this forum is not customer support. No one here can help. Your best bet is to escalate to corporate by filing an FCC or BBB complaint.

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Good grief.  😱

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