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Sun, Dec 3, 2017 8:06 PM

Asurion ATT phone insurance is a scam???

Cracked my iPhone 6s screen.  I’ve had the phone and been making monthly insurance payments to Att for over 2 years.  I attempted to make my first ever claim and was notified I only had to pay $112 deductible and that was a discount from the normal $225 because I’ve never made a claim. My local screen repair shop charged $89.99 to replace.  What a scam for a multi billion dollar company to be running. You should’ve led be ashamed ATT.




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5 months ago

totally agree with AT&T being a SCAM - I am posting it on Facebook, Yelp and anywhere so people are not ripped off;

BLOODY rip off

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a month ago

I tried using my insurance because my phone got damaged.  My original phone worked fine before the accident but so far they sent me two broken phones that are completely unusable with terrible reception.  Also, the apps freeze and close out while I'm using them.  I don't care if you make money off me, just give me something that works. Asurion is a trash company and sells a garbage product.  

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