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Monday, July 16th, 2018 5:59 PM

Also being held hostage by AT&T after being a loyal customer for 6+ years

I have used AT&T for over 6 years and always buy my iphones unlocked from apple or best buy. I have been moving around for work and have found that AT&T's network does not work well in the areas I am in. I often do not have LTE and my calls drop all the time. I bought a new iphone x and tried to switch to a new carrier. After porting my number and getting everything set up, I put the new SIM card in and find out that AT&T has locked my iphone. I call and speak to a rep that tells me they got approval from a manager to unlock my phone and it should be unlocked in 72hrs. Then I receive an email saying it's rejected! I try calling AT&T and receive no help at all. I had to port my number back to AT&T and they will not unlock my phone for 6 months! This is terrible because I do not get reception in most areas that I travel in the US and cannot use my phone. I can barely make calls.


Please unlock my phone! I do not owe AT&T any money but would be willing to pay to unlock my phone so I could function and do my job.

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5 years ago


Blame Apple, it’s their activation policy that locks the phones.   Please note the computer locks indescriminantly.  It does not know you paid full price.

  So my advice is call ATT and ask for tech support.  With the IMEI they can see it’s an iPhone X and not subject to the subsidized phone policy.   They have to manually process the unlock. 

The only place to buy unlocked iPhones is Apple.  Best Buy and other retailers sell a universal model that locks to the first carrier used.   

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