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Wed, Feb 10, 2016 12:14 AM

AFNI, Fake Debt Collectors

There was a call I got from people claiming to be from a debt collection company called AFNI.The number was (877)859-8781. They said I had a 40 dollar debt with AT&T. I have never had a past due balance with the company. These people were telling me I owed money for a number that still exists and I am paying for now. I have payed all my bills so I knew this was untrue. I did not give them any information and I hung up, calling my phone service provider. 


I looked up this phone number, and I am not the only one they have attempted to manipulate into providing personal information, using AT&T as a debt source. I just hope AT&T can post a warning to comsumers about this fake company. 


(Fake company goes through extra care to look legitamate. They tranfer and even have a holding message.)


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4 years ago

Hello @Kaytonie


We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with the Community.


Hopefully now others will be aware to look for calls such as these.


Customers should always bear in mind that we do not place random outbound calls requesting security passcodes or sensitive information.



Thank you,




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4 weeks ago

I started receiving calls a few weeks ago from AFNI. (Phone number hidden). No message was ever left. Calls would come 2-4 times a day so I blocked the number & calls couldn’t get through. On 1/ 21 I got a collection letter from AFNI, Inc. saying I owe AT&T $32.01 which isn’t true.

I called AT&T to verify that I didn’t owe anything of which I knew I didn’t. I always carry a credit on my bill every month.

I reported AFNI, Inc. the reason for the collection letter, account & phone numbers. AT&T rep said they would send it to their fraud division for investigation. They don’t use AFNI for collections

I called AFNI, told them I don’t owe anything & that AT&T doesn’t use

them for collections. Rep said that AT&T has been their customer for 10 years. I know that’s not true after verifying it with an AT&T rep.

AFNI rep said the amount owed was from June or July 2018 which is a lie. I told her my bill is always paid on time & has a zero balance.

She said they have to send a request to AT&T so they can verify whether or not I owe this money.

I told her I blocked AFNI’s number so calls will never get through because I looked the number up & many people have reported getting collection calls from them asking for people they don’t know or don’t even use AT&T as their mobile carrier. Calls from them have been going back for years. The rep said she’d take my number off their call list & send me a letter once they find out from AT&T the status of my account.

The main issue here is that if I owed something from 2018, why am I just being called or sent a letter by a scam collection agency, instead of being notified directly from AT&T or it added onto my bill?

Please be aware that If you get calls or letters saying that you owe money to AT&T or any any other company for that matter, call the company that AFNI says you owe money to first to verify your account balance, before you call AFNI. They will tell you that they have to ask the company that they’re trying to collect for to verify that the amount they’re saying you owe is actually owed. DON’T SEND AFNI ANY MONEY!! The rep said she’d put my number on their Do Not Call list because I said I permanently blocked their number and they’ll never get through. Rep said she send me a letter once they find out if I owe AT&T money.


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An update to my earlier post.

This afternoon, I had a few errands to run & checked my phone for calls that came in while I was gone when I returned home. One was from AFNI & since I blocked the number, their call didn’t get through. So much for the AFNI rep taking my number off their Do Not Call list. Their number will stay blocked as long as necessary.