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Wed, Jan 20, 2016 7:51 PM

adding different area codes to family plan

At this moment I'm looking for a new plan for my wife and me, also I want to add her father that lives in TX as well but an 12 hours drive away. I came to to the value share plan with the 15GB as this also offers the roaming to Mexico, where my father-in-law still has some relatives. And after the recent developments they should offer 2G/3G coverage where he is going.


I read things about markets, not sure what is meant with that. But would it be possible to add the area codes (956) and (432) to one plan?


Furthermore, why do US providers it so difficult to 'window' shop.

I tried to select a data plan, and add 2 SIM cards as I already have a 2 phones and add a phone/SIM for my father-in-law. But I can't even get passed the first SIM card as it asks for my IMEI and than comes with a message I have to call Customer Service. I just want to see a complete price (with hidden costs) first before I even decide to order something.




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5 years ago

Are you already an existing customer? If not, a $15 activation fee might apply to your lines where you're ordering SIM only


Also, SIM cards are free so you wouldn't pay for those.

Up front you're looking at the cost of the device/devices +tax, basically.


The cost of the plan and any activation fees would be on your first bill.


Secondly, if you're going to be on a Mobile Share plan, you can definitely have cross market area codes. It wouldn't be a problem.

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