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Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 3:19 AM

Activate Error ACT107 : Hmm ... looks like there aren't any numbers we can activate on this wireless account.

New phone & SIM to activate: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Old phone trading in: Samsung Galaxy S20+

Note: When I upgraded to my S20+ two years ago, I never activated the new SIM and just used the one from my old phone and placed it in the new phone. Kept the new SIM in the box. 

Situation: Ordered new Ultra S22 for both me and my son, both trading in our old Samsung phones. On Saturday, 4/30, we got my son's phone and when activating his phone with the new SIM that came in the box, it worked just fine and his phone activated with new SIM. My phone had not yet arrived and I'm still using my old S20+. 

First Problem: When we activated my son's new S22 Ultra, I got a message on my phone saying the SIM not provisioned MM#2 and I had no network on my phone. Called customer service and they could not fix the issue and even tried an eSIM. Eventually asked me if I had a new SIM I could use. I said I still had the new SIM that came with my S20+ phone that I never used, since I just swapped in the SIM from my old phone when I got it. They said to use that one and they got it working and everything is fine. They advised that whenever I get a new phone, I should always activate and use the new SIM that comes with it since SIMs can be updated.

Second Problem: Today, 5/3, I received my new S22 Ultra and as previously instructed, use the new SIM that came in the box. Put the new SIM in my new phone and turn it on. Go to the activate website, go to my order, click the link to activate, and enter my phone number and zip code, double-checking they are correct. I receive the ACT107 error message: 
ACT107 : Hmm … looks like there aren’t any numbers we can activate on this wireless account. Got a new number? Your device is likely already active—just restart it and make a test call!

  • For help, call us at 866.895.1099.
  • If you're activating an insurance replacement device, go to or call us at 888.490.6096.
  • If you're bringing your own device with an unused SIM card, go to, or call us at 800.331.0500.

I call the same customer service that we called on Saturday, when I had the first problem above. They ask for the device IMEI and the SIM ICCID. I give them both, they verify they are correct and they tell me they are receiving the same error message. Then I am told the following:
"The SIM card that you have is not compatible with your device and you need to get a new one. You can either go to a store and pay $5 for a new one (we will credit your bill for that) or we can send you one in the mail but it may take several days. Either way, you cannot use the SIM that came with you phone as it is incompatible with your phone."

I told them that I was very confused as to why the brand new SIM card, that AT&T included with my new phone, would be incompatible with my new phone. Why send a SIM that doesn't work with the phone? She didn't have an answer and said she would have someone in the technical department call me tomorrow. 

Any ideas on this? What do I need to do and why is this new SIM that came with my phone not compatible with it? Any advice is much appreciated. 

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2 years ago

Hey there dessa_78, we want to help!


Lets meet in a Direct Message to discuss getting you a new SIM. Please check your Direct Message Inbox, which is the chat icon next to the bell icon in the upper right corner of the Forums page.


We hope to hear from you!


Carlton, AT&T Community Specialist

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2 years ago

Thank you for replying Carlton. I am still confused. Why do I need a new SIM? Why would the brand new SIM in the box with my phone not work? What's wrong with it and why would they place an incompatible SIM in with that phone? I understand I'm being told I need a new SIM (by the rep I spoke with and by you), but nobody can tell me why the SIM I have is not good.

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