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Wednesday, September 6th, 2023 2:45 AM

Access account without access to phone

Hi! I no longer have access to the mobile phone with my AT&T number. I am trying to access my AT&T account (to download a new eSim on another phone), but cannot log in because it requires a verification code sent to my number. To which I no longer have access... Any suggestions?

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3 months ago

Losing access to your mobile number while needing to access your AT&T account can be challenging, but you have options to recover your account.

Tere are steps to consider:

Contact AT&T Support: Reach out to AT&T customer support via their website or another communication method. Explain your situation and request assistance in verifying your identity and accessing your account.

Alternative Contact Methods: AT&T may offer alternative methods for account verification, such as email verification or security questions. Provide any available information they request to verify your identity.

Visit an AT&T Store: If possible, visit a local AT&T store with your identification. They may be able to assist you in person with account recovery and providing a new eSIM.

Lost Phone Reporting: If you haven't already, report the loss of your mobile phone to AT&T. This can help prevent unauthorized access to your account.
ID Verification: Be prepared to provide personal identification, such as your driver's license or Social Security number, to prove your identity to AT&T.

Temporary Number: If you're issued a new phone number or SIM card, ask AT&T to provide you with a temporary verification code to access your account. Once you regain access, update your contact information.

eSIM Activation: Once you regain access to your account, follow the necessary steps to download and activate the eSIM on your new device.
Remember to keep your personal and account information secure to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts in the future.

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