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Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021 4:19 PM


$2,300 in Fraudulent Long Distances Charges

Can anyone please help me?  I discovered over $2,300 in outgoing call charges from US to Jamaica.  The phone is on my family plan and is used by my daughter who has an intellectual disability (special needs.)

Based upon review of logs, two incoming calls from Montego Bay to my daughter's phone occurred this past week.  The man was asking for money.  Then numerous outgoing calls over the next 5 days resulting in over $2,300 in pending charges. I'm lucky I caught it when I did!

I spent hours last night with customer support either on hold, getting transferred or getting disconnected. No one helped. No one cares.

Can anyone please advise?  It sickens me to think I will have to use her monthly SSI benefit to pay to the ATT monster. Even if this isn't fraudulent and she hit the call button over and over, she has an intellectual disability!  Do I have any options?

Thank you!

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