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Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 2:07 PM

128kb data speed??? I'm switching to another carrier.

I'm switching to another carrier. I've been with AT&T since the Cingular days, Pre-iPhone! Funny since I switched from the unlimited plan (I was averaging about 6GB a month) now that I'm on the 9GB shared plan,  I go over EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Now my speeds are slowed to less than 128kb with a week left on my cycle and there is NO WAY to add more bandwidth.. how fast is 128kb? Ill tell you how fast, about as fast as a herd of snails traveling through peanut butter. Unusable speed for ANY smartphone. I believe the verbiage was that the speed will slow to 128kb if the network is congested. Well, it must always be congested because I'm getting about 90kbps. This is unacceptable, not to mention the fact that all the robo calls and spam are likely using some of that 9GB of data each month that wont stop! Im fed up, will be letting the social media universe know about this aggravating issue for sure. This isn't right. 

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3 years ago

@SpartyMcParty wrote:

Dude, nice way to inject a link in there, for what I dont know...  things to come.  Buckle up buttercup.  

BTW, all unlimited plans on major networks are "capped".  Nope.   Not true.  A capped plan is what you have.  It specifically says 9 gigs.   Unlimited can use hundreds, and many do use hundreds of gigs. 

They slow or throttle after reaching a specific threshold and Im just saying its shady.   Reprioritization is not throttling, and no carrier throttles anymore.  I’m a light user.  I used 148 gigs on my tablet, and my phones used anywhere between 1 gig and 38.   

they all do it. and they all know that people have no clue what 128kb speed is. let alone what dvd quality is for streaming. its a joke.  

I recommend you read each carrier’s policy so you know what is offered and how it’s effected by reprioritization.   Your basically complaining that you bought 9 gigs and can’t use more than 9 gigs.  



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3 years ago

BTW, all unlimited plans on major networks are "capped". They slow or throttle after reaching a specific threshold and Im just saying its shady.

No, they don’t. They all do have thresholds where data may possibly be slowed but only if network congestion requires it. That’s called network management. Network bandwidth is not infinite, there is only so much to be shared. Many ATT users have reported going way past ATT’s 22GB threshold and never getting slowed.

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