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Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 3:26 PM

Samsung Gear S3 eSIM one time use only

My wife bought me the Samsung Gear S3 for my birthday brand new from the AT&T store by her work. I took the watch to get connected to my account at the new AT&T on 256 in Pickerington and the manager there had no Idea what he was doing and transferred my cell number to my gear S3 which deemed my phone unusable. I was fed up and went to the corporate store on 256 in Reynoldsburg and they had to put a new SiM in my phone and could not wipe the eSIM on the Gear S3 clean to add another number. The gentleman called several different AT&T tech supports and no one could reset the eSIM for activation. I was told to just return or exchange the watch for a full refund and they will not charge me a restocking fee. Sounds like an ongoing issue that has not been resolved making the Gear S3 a one time use eSIM.......Very time consuming and frustrating!!

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