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Tue, Oct 8, 2019 2:44 PM

Samsung Galaxy Watch not showing pictures on watch sends me to phone to view pictures

When I receive a MMS message (pictures) my watch alerts me then the message  "This message contains media content please view on phone" displays. What needs to do done to view my pictures messages on my galaxy watch? I just switch to ATT&T yesterday from another provider I never had this issue with my galaxy watch with the other provider al my pictures would show on my watch  with no problem.


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a year ago

Hello @hmorris7000,


Allow us to lend a helping hand. Are you using number sync or bluetooth? Is your watch an AT&T branded device or was it purchased from a different carrier? Try disconnecting/reconnecting the device to your phone. Let us know if that helps. Thank you.


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2 months ago

I am having the same issue 



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17 days ago


I'm going to take over this post because I'm having the same issue and the OP obviously doesn't want to help diagnose. Both my partner and I bought the same watch through Amazon, Bluetooth, unbranded (no carrier assigned). I'm using the Galaxy Note 10+, he's using the Note 20.

My watch shows that I have a multimedia message and I have to look at the phone, his watch shows everything. What's even funnier is that my phone in particular doesn't want to automatically download any pictures from him, but it'll download from everyone else. I have to manually select to download them (they are anywhere from 13-20 MB pictures), but every other person he sends the same image two it gets downloaded automatically. I send him a picture and he can see them just fine on his phone and watch.

Disconnecting and reconnecting doesn't change anything.




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16 days ago

To update, I received a picture from someone earlier today and the watch displayed it. A few minutes later a pic from my partner and it tells me to look on the phone. Just had a phone update yesterday to baseband N975USQS5DTJ8

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