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Wednesday, August 31st, 2022 6:18 PM

number sync isnt working

i just got my galaxy watch 5 pro and i have the Samsung 22 ultra and the number sync isnt working. as a paying customer since 2001 this is ridiculous. i pay for the service and cant even use it.

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2 years ago

We know how extremely important it is for the service you're paying for to be working properly, and we want to help get your devices connected with Numbersync, @joeragland1.


First, please let us know of any error messages that you're receiving so that we're able to investigate and confirm what's causing your devices not to connect. Next, we want you to review the following steps for setting up Numbersync to confirm it's been installed correctly.


You'll need to set up your ID for NumberSync:

  • You already have a user ID if you manage your wireless account online. For NumberSync, use the ID listed on your online profile. Be advised, NumberSync isn’t available for AT&T PREPAID.
  • Have an ID that isn’t linked to your wireless number yet? Learn how to assign your wireless to your user ID.
  • Not sure what your ID is? Go to the Forgot ID page and follow the prompts.
  • To create a new ID:
    1. Create an AT&T user ID.
    2. Select Add wireless number.
    3. Follow the prompts to create your ID.

Next, make sure the Samsung Wearables app is installed on your device. 

  • See if the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app is on your phone. Go to Apps, choose Samsung (if applicable), and then Samsung Galaxy Wearable
    • Don’t have the app? Download and install it. The Galaxy Wearable app is also available for non-Samsung smartphones running Android 5.0 and up.  
    • Already have the app? Make sure you have the most current version.

Before you begin, make sure:

  • Bluetooth is turned on for both your wearable and your smartphone.
  • You have paired your smartphone and wearable using the Samsung pairing process.
  • You have an active wireless plan for your wearable.
  • You have a NumberSync user ID for your wearable.

Finally, you'll need to setup NumberSync from the Galaxy Wear app:

  1. Open the Galaxy Wear app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap Settings and then Mobile Plans.
  3. Choose AT&T NumberSync, then Get Started.
  4. Tap Sync Watch.
  5. Check your watch for a Sync Code.
  6. Enter the Sync Code in the app (if it doesn’t automatically enter it for you).

You’ll get a message on both the Galaxy Wear app and your wearable that your smartphone number and watch have synced.


We'd advise for you to give these steps a try and let us know how they worked for you. Thanks for seeking help from the AT&T Community Forums.


Lynn, AT&T Community Specialist





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2 years ago

I've been with AT&T back when it was actually Cingular and I have gone nearly a year actually a little bit over a year without being able to use number sync. I have a Galaxy watch 4 classic and a Galaxy s22 Ultra and I have spent tens of hours on the phone with tech support I've been in AT&T stores working with personnel and Tech on the phone without any luck to get number sync working. I've wanted them to credit me but billing said well once it's fixed then we can issue you a refund. The problem is it can't be fixed. Every single time I try to sync my watch and phone I end up with an error code, "null". I was working with one tech support person and she just gave up on me as there's no way they could make this thing work. I've wiped my watch and reset it and I wiped my phone and reset it I've gone with a number of new esims none of which have worked. This goes back to last year and as far as I'm concerned AT&T owes me a lot of money. They've just gotten to the point where they ignore me in the last call some guy said well I'll just cancel the number for your watch and that'll save you $10 a month but that's not what I need. So I'm going to go in and demand some type of refund and then I'm going to file a complaint with the FCC because they're advertising a service that they cannot provide and will continue to charge you for it. After I get my credit I'm going to take my nearly 20 years with AT&T and find another provider. This is ridiculous.

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1 year ago

I'm also having issues with this. My watch model # is SM-R905U. I've talked to a couple of different reps with no success. This is my 3rd Samsung watch that I've bought and the 2nd that I've been unable to use as I should've been. My last watch I never could get to NumberSync, gave up & just used it with Bluetooth. I probably paid a year of service that I couldn't use just because it's SO frustrating to deal with your phone reps. The latest thing is "you have to scan your QR code that came with your watch". Um, what QR code? I have never received one & my husband didn't get one with his new watch either. IF in fact we need that (which I know we don't because we FINALLY got his Pro5 working) out should be sent in the package with the watch. Now I've got another expensive wrist weight. 


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