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Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 10:44 PM

EDS4014 error setting up Apple watch

Hi - I'm getting the dreaded EDS4014 error when setting up my Apple watch 5.

Any ideas? I've tried what I've found on the forum - resetting - starting over, etc...

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1 year ago

Hi all,

If you have not already, visit our activation page to start the process to get your watch ready for calls and text. 

If you have already done the above, power cycle your watch or toggle airplane mode. 

This may get you into service if you are seeing an error code. 

ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

Community Support


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4 years ago

Hello, @wvmd,


Thank you for reaching out. We're glad to learn you've already attempted a reset. Could you let us know which iOS the Watch 5 is running? Are you attempting to sync it? If so, what are you syncing it with and what iOS is it running?


Please let us know.


James, AT&T Community Specialist

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