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Saturday, May 11th, 2024 11:08 AM

Cant activate my Galaxy watch, need some help please!

This is kind of a long post but bare with me as I think the context is needed

So today I went to the AT&T store to change around some things. First, we switched the plan from a older family plan with a shared data bucket to both lines having unlimited data because we kept having overages. Secondly, I added the smart watch plan. I can no get the eSim activated on my watch though. I've tried several times going through the process on the Wearable app to set up the mobile plan, but every time instead of taking me to a sreen to scan the QR code to activate the eSim, it brings me to a page saying "It looks like you need to buy a plan for this smart watch" EVEN THOUGH in my account details on AT&Ts website I can see the smart watch plan I am already sussbribed too. I have tried resetting the watch several times and setting it up as if it was brand new, but every time I get the same thing, which is a page on AT&Ts site tellimg me to select a plan and giving tghe cost break down and stuff. Its as if their system can't see that I am already subscribed to the smart watch plan? So confusing. Note that when I was trying to get this watch activated we were at the AT&T store, and the employee that helped us with our plan couldnt get it activated himself. He called their help desk and they tried too, butt hey just told him to try the same process. He then called their "advanced technical support" and it was the same result. By this time it was an hour after their closing time and I needed to go anyways not to mention feeling bad keeping them after closing time even though its not like we walked in last second we were there for 3 hours. So anyway he handed me the business card with the activation QR on it for the eSim and told me to try it in a few hours thinking maybe by then the system will see the smart watch plan already on my account or something. They said if all else fails to come back in the morning and they will completely re-do it whatever that means. Fast forward to now and I just tried the same process myself after looking at all the how-to guides to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong and again its the same result. Its saying It looks like I need to buy a plan, not recognizing the one already on my account. The watch works fine otherwise once paired, just the issue above.

I know its a long shot but if there's anyone here that might be able to suggest a fix for me to get this thing activated, especially without going back to the store first thing in the morning I'd be grateful. Thank you.

ACE - Sage


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1 month ago

Didn't even have to read half of it

Get the watch replaced

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