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Thu, Sep 27, 2018 8:56 AM

Watch TV app is a pile of trash

Not only does this scam of an app not recognize my unlimited plan with att and the fact that i should have this service for free because of my plan, it is not asking me to pay 15$ a month for a service that works 10% of the time. 

the phone app is riddled with bugs and errors, and lets not even get started on the full site version on a computer. It's almost as if At&t is a small indy company and cant afford to hire any decent web develpors they end up going to India and picking out the cheapest devs to come up with an app and have it never function properly. 


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3 y ago

@Chomper Hello there, we can help! Since we have to take a closer look into your account for this, I've sent you a private message requesting your account details. Check your forum inbox (envelop icon at the top right) and let's continue the conversation there! Thanks.

Frank, AT&T Community Specialist

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2 y ago

I was able to view my recorded programming on xfinity away from home at another location on computer, as well as phone if i chose to watch on phone, now since my wife signed us up for this GARBAGE ive lost some of my favorite channels, no longer can watch recorded content on computer, maybe on phone, but why would i , i watch tv not phone.

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