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Sun, Jun 9, 2019 5:35 PM

Unable to cancel watchtv

I am having issues with cancelling watchtv, it shouldn't be this difficult. I feel like you are not transparent with cancelling this service in an attempt to just keep charging people?? There is no way to do it through the app. When I go to "account" I am directed to the att watchtv website for my account overview and the site doesn't even work. All I am given is a message that you're trying to make the site better...but when?? The only options available are a different way to watch and an option to visit the support center. The support center doesnt even address how to cancel the service AT ALL only support with the app or service. This is not helpful at all, there should be a number to call, a way to easily cancel in the app, or a working member portal with an option to cancel. Can someone please assist with this???


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a year ago

Hello @megsmegs,


We'd love to help! Please try signing into your account from our terms and service page under 4.4, and see if that works. 


Tim, AT&T Community Specialist 

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9 months ago

I too am having issues and get sent into the endless circle of "page does not exist". why is there no SIMPLE way to cancel this service?  You sure make signing up easy - but the service does not work!  It was great for a while but now the quality is so bad that it is unwatchable!  I should be able to sign into the app and cancel like is possible with just about every other service in existence!  The frustration of having to deal with your poor website and your customer service people who rarely know anything, is enough to send me back to the bargain basement carriers who at least had decent customer service!  



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7 months ago

This is the only way to cancel your subscription.