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Sat, Jul 14, 2018 2:40 AM

Pandora premium not so on unlimited and more plan

Changed to the unlimited and more plan and selected Pandora for my no-cost add on service. Got verified and signed into Pandora using my AT&T credentials. All I got was basic, with an offer to upgrade for the standard monthly fee. Went to AT&T chat spent over an hour chatting with three different levels of support. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling after tech tried some things. Tried some more thing, at least according to tech. Deleted account re-signed up.

Nothing. AT&T keeps saying they are working on it, but nothing. Kind of sorry, st this point, I even tried. My question is pretty simple: anybody have any other ideas, or should I just chalk this up to another AT&T failure to properly get everything checked out before they pushed out the offer.

Any ideas on this? Appreciate it.

Also I did sign up for watch tv, and I am verified as having the correct plan.



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3 y ago

yep a lot of good customers are having that problem along with me.

Check out the link below it has solved but nothing solved about it.





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3 y ago

Same problem with HBO as well for Unlimited & More Premium members.


I've had issues verifying my number. AT&T WatchTV support has gone so far to say "I don't believe that you have the Unlimited & More Premium Plan" - while if you look at my AT&T wireless account, it clearly shows my Unlimited & more Premium Plan.


I've escalated the case 4 times now (I've had this issue since 6/30). Yesterday, one of their managers called me promising to personally look into the issue and have it fixed and call me back this morning (Saturday) at 7AM PT.


Lo and behold, the problem still hasn't been fixed. I didn't get a call back either. [Please keep it courteous].


7/13 Ticket #:  [edited for privacy – please do not post personal information]


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