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Sun, Oct 3, 2021 4:27 AM


How do I remove a sports package I DIDN'T ORDER

Ok, so ive tried to remove some Sports package I never ordered. I tried to do this months ago but after 2 hours of getting the run around. Over and over again, att redirects you to directv and then i have to login again. Then directv  doesn't help, it sends me back to att. Then I have to login again, then att redirects to DirecTV and repeat the same process. I don't watch sports, so i wouldn't waste money on it. However, i still am wasting my money and us consumers give up and get frustrated  and migraine. There help topics that don't work. I dont want to be on the phone for hours to remove some sports package that I NEVER ORDERED. ATT gets away with this and directs u to directv. This is ridiculous att revamps their website frequently but they can't make it customer friendly where u can do this without logging out and logging in. Att makes billions of dollars and they own directv. I get my service through att, if they can have direct, listed on your bill, but apparently when u need help att doesn't do jack.


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2 m ago

Because AT&T bit off more than they could chew, they ended up (recently) partnering with a co-owner for the services under the DirecTV name. Hopefully this adjusts a lot quicker and smoother than AT&T's original acquisition of DirecTV.

To remove any seasonal sports subscription (NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, etc.), you call before the season starts. If season has already started, all they can do is turn off the auto renew.

If you mean the Sports Pack, that can be removed at any time. Though if within 30 days of adding it there is a $10 early removal fee (just like HBO or the other premiums).

However if you are referring the Regional Sports Network (RSN) Fee, that cannot be removed. As long as you are in Choice or above where you get the RSNs for where you live, the fee remains. It is just itemized so you know how much your area is costing you.

For any further discussion with the community on this topic, please post in the DirecTV forum. This is the AT&T section for "WatchTV", another service they have. Just make sure you are in the section that applies to you (DirecTV or DIRECTV STREAM).

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