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Fri, Oct 22, 2021 12:40 AM


Discount removed

Was told I could have a $45 month discount on my Direct TV bill for one year.  It was left off the next month's bill so I called, and they credited my account for the $45 and said the problem would not occur again.  Next month, it was left off again.  I called again, and it was credited again and told the problem was resolved.  This was after speaking to three agents and two supervisors.  This evening, out of the blue I get a call to tell me the $45 discount is not available for customers.  No reason, just that it is not available in the system.  This is after I have been through chat after chat and kept copies of everything.  We have been Direct TV customers for 20 years and every bill is auto paid on time so there has never been a complaint of any kind .  I don't understand why Long time customers are treated with such utter disregard.  This company makes billions of dollars every year but they can't give a  $45 discount a month?  I had a $60/month discount last year and was told when it expired that all I had to do was call to get it reinstated.  That was when I was told it would be $45 for the next twelve months.  Now I am told there is no such discount "IN THE SYSTEM" whatever that means.   If there was any other Satellite Service that had Bally Sports we would be gone in a minute.  Do not want to mess with Streaming services and have to go through all that mess.  What can be done?  There is no email address to get to AT&T directly, so this Forum is my only option.




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Sounds like originally there was not a discount for a year, but the agent positioned it as such and put a one-time credit on your account. The later agents either told you what you wanted to hear and pass the buck, or saw notes from the original agent and submitted an escalation for a discount they couldn't see which unfortunately wouldn't complete in your favor as there was not one to begin with.

Companies do not make money by just throwing it away. In fact a review was done on DirecTV's finances and it was determined that too much in discounts were going out already. So their CEO announced publicly some time ago that discounts would be pulled back while they address this. So they have intro discounts (the welcome basket), which is a one-time special but few and far between for existing customers.

It is expected that problem accounts once addressed would mean that discounts return but in moderation. You are just viewing it as $45 for yourself compared to the revenue they bring in, not accounting that there are other customers that have the same worth as you and other expenses DirecTV has. Discounting more than the cost of a programming package (even close to cost to the one above that) is not financially sound.

Getting bad information from the start and later agents who did not fully research the issue, or just pushed it along for you to deal with the next agent is an issue. For that I would suggest a BBB complaint as that goes to the corporate level.

As for the discount, well if you cannot afford service without it (or just don't like it), then reduce service until within your budget. The network owners keep increasing their costs to TV providers resulting in the factual cost of service today. DirecTV (and parent owner AT&T) is a business, not a charity. So if you cannot afford it then it is up to you to make changes that fit your finances, not demand the company give you a handout.

In any case this is the forum for the "WatchTV" service, not DirecTV. So go to the DirecTV forum if wish to further discuss with other customers. Otherwise customer support for realistic changes on your account, or the BBB route because of the false (at best misleading) info from a string of agents, are your options.

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