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Mon, Oct 4, 2021 8:21 AM


Billing for AT&T TV services that were never activated and never worked.

CHARGES FOR SERVICES NEVER RECEIVED:  I need assistance to resolve a huge injustice being perpetrated.  My 85 year old sister and brother-in-law) went to change their service from Direct TV to AT&T TV.  They went to the AT&T store and picked up the box, tried to install it, received two different "access codes" and then AT&t sent a technician who couldn't get it to work.  The technician told them to return the box.  They took it back to AT&T but the store wouldn't take it and said it had to shipped at THEIR EXPENSE back to AT&T - which they did.  BUT AT&T just continued to charge them monthly -- which is stealing if you never provide the service.  My brother-in-law is a veteran, he has cancer and other major medical issues and my sister just had major back surgery and has other major health issues and they are in their 80's.  AT&T REFUSES to remove the full amount they have been charging them for the past year.  They said its their "policy" not to credit more than 4 months.  It's the "policy" of the law (and just corporate ethically responsible behavior) not to take money from people and refuse to give it back.  This is stealing to take money from people for services NEVER PROVIDED.  They finally received a refund for only 4 months but AT&T refuses to give back the money the balance that the stole from them.  This is fraud and stealing from people who can't afford to be victimized by an unscrupulous company.  The entire time they were being billed for AT&T TV that they did not EVER have installed they were paying for Direct TV (which is now owned by AT&T) AND for their cell phones.  AT&T was ripping them off royally and AT&T now refused to accept that they made a mistake after my sister did everything they were told to do after they were TOLD the service wouldn't work and RETURNED the BOX.  It was NEVEr ACTIVATED.  They never ever had the service activated so how can a company just refuse to pay back stolen money - isn't this crime?  If you are caught stealing you aren't allowed to negotiate with the police to just pay back a small portion of what you stole and be released!  And AT&T is perpetrating this theft on two people who are in dire medical condition during the middle of the pandemic!  What kind of inhuman monsters work for AT&T that they prey on victims like this?  I just spent a week with them helping them out after my sister's surgery and this has shocked me -- hundreds of dollars they are stealing from senior citizens. 

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2 m ago

AT&T TV is now "DirecTV Stream".  Please post in THAT FORUM

Before this thread is closed, I will tell you that according to the TOS, customers have 90 days to dispute a charge and any credit is limited to 3 months of disputed charges (you stated 4 but I digress).

You can file a complaint with the BBB and see if that gets you anywhere.

It's a shame that your sister didn't catch the charges earlier.

Thread closed since it's in the wrong forum.


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