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Friday, March 15th, 2019 11:01 PM


Volume issue

I have a UVerse S30 remote even with the volume at the max it is still not loud enough.  Help



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5 years ago

Are you controlling the dvr/receiver's volume or the tv's volume?  If you are controlling the dvr/receiver's volume you would see the volume level as a number in a circle in the upper right of your tv screen when you change the volume.  If you are controlling the tv the volume level should be shown just as it does when using the tv's own remote. 


You shouldn't be setting the volume on the dvr/receiver.  If that's what you are doing then set it to 25 and leave it there.  Then switch the uverse remote to control volume on your tv just like your tv's remote.  If your dvr/receiver is set to 25 and you are already controlling the tv's volume then I would think you should have plenty of volume.  I can't explain that problem (HDMI problem?  TV problem?.)


To set the dvr/receiver volume up to it's max and switch to using the tv's volume with the remote see this thread, post 7.

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6 months ago

Same problem, 5 yrs later. I just have a TV (LG Smart TV, bought in 2022). Same remote, a S10-S3B

As soon as I put the batteries in the remote, it was ready to go. Everything works fine, except the sound only goes up to 25. It's just a TV. Note: I'm replacing a S30-S3B remote and that I could turn all the way to 100 if I wanted. The remote that came with the LG, I can still move the sound beyond 25.

Why doesn't the S10-S3 remote only go to 25?

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6 months ago

Hello @Icechipz, thanks for reaching out to AT&T Community and Forums. Let's get you the help you need.


We recommend that you go through ⁠U-verse TV S10 remote control help, information, and programming for troubleshooting your remote and have a better idea.


Let us know if this helps.


Happy to assist!


Fiona Q - AT&T Community and Forums.

ACE - Professor


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6 months ago

Please don't respond to threads older than a year. It's ok to start a new thread if there aren't any other new threads.

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