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Sunday, August 13th, 2023 11:07 AM

U-Verse Wallpaper

Please update the wallpaper associated with U-Verse.  We've been looking at the same photos since....well, forever.  With all the other negative issues with U-Verse, I think you could at least update the wallpaper.  That way, it will give us something new to look at while contemplating if we should just drop/cancel all AT&T products.  Thank you in advance for granting this simple request.

Accepted Solution

ACE - Expert


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4 months ago

Uverse is a dying product.  It’s highly unlikely that any updates will be made.

ACE - Professor


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4 months ago

There's so much they could do before they change wallpapers... Streaming apps, 4K content, etc.

As said, U-Verse is only available to those who have had it since early 2020. I highly doubt they'll do anything other than security/stability upgrades.

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