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Sun, Oct 21, 2018 12:28 AM

U-verse tv remote control S30-S1B

I recently signed up for U-verse tv, and I was given the S30-S1B remote control. I was wondering if this is the only remote I can use with the U-verse IPH8005 receiver that I have? I was hoping to get a remote that has more playback controls. In particular I was hoping to get a remote with a slow motion and/or frame by frame feature for playbacks of certain sports plays. Is there a trick to playing in slo-mo on this S30 remote that I am over looking?




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2 years ago

Slow motion is not supported on the dvr/receivers so that's why there is no control for it on the remotes.  All the att remotes (silver, s10, s20, s30) are fully compatible with all the att dvr/receivers.  You gain nothing by using a different remote for them even if you can find one that's 100% att compatible in the first place (Harmony?).

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