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Thu, Mar 26, 2020 7:30 PM

UVerse TV and internet

We’ve had issues with our uverse TV and the internet since the beginning. In 2013 or 14 I upgraded our internet to internet 75 which immediately was reduced to internet 50 because internet 75 wasn’t available in our area. I wasn’t notified of this until in a call or chat for support due to internet speeds lacking. We have consistently had TV issues with freezing and pixels (live and DVR recordings) which are completely maddening. Our most recent visit from a technician (this month) we found out that we are too far away from the ATT junction box on our main road to have the internet 50 service plan we’ve been on for 6 years. He said they never should have sold us that plan. He updated some stuff and ultimately downgraded our service to internet 25. He said we could use an upgraded gateway (ours was replaced in FEB) but we can’t get a newer model because we have uverse and coax and the newer models do not support that. Previously our internet speed tests were around 60/13 (give or take a few on each side) and they are now about 17/3 (give or take) depending on what device we are on. Our TV is still horrible, picture freezes and pixels constantly. Now our bill is increased more than $20 per month--I am guessing due to the plan change. This after the sales scam and continuous frustration of having a plan we weren’t ever supposed to have because we are 2200+ feet from the ATT box rather than within the 1900 feet max for that plan. ALSO the time before last we had service I was led to believe that if I bought wifi extenders it would be better, I bought 3 @ $49.99 each and it’s not better… Disappointments time after time. Year after year... One transcript from 2017 the rep said I would receive a tablet as part of the promo and even took my credit card for shipping. Unsurprisingly I never received a tablet and made a few inquiries about it, but it was too hard to go through the whole story each time and so I gave up. I suspect that was the ATT plan all along. Before posting this I was on hold on the phone 10 minutes. I had two previous chat boxes disappear after typing in the issue. It says live chat but no live chat available. Grrr. We don't have many options available where we live, and I guess they know it. I spoke to someone on the phone recently, before the last tech visit, who told me we should have access to fiber within a year... But have since found out we will never be eligible for it, the are placing it only in the new subdivisions in our area. Many (or most) of the salespeople don't know and don't care, they just want to make a sale and they will tell you what you want to hear in order to do it.


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