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Tue, May 14, 2019 4:53 AM

Uverse picture and sound glitch several times an hour

Ever since service installation in late March, I have had problems with the picture and sound freezing and pixellating for anywhere from 1-5 seconds several times an hour while watching live TV (all channels have had this problem). I don't know if it happens on demand as I haven't watched much of that. But I do know that it shows up on all shows that I've recorded as well. It may not sound like much of an issue but when watching talk shows, you miss half a sentence. Forget about trying to watch the Hockey playoffs! By the time the picture comes back the puck has changed hands three times!


I called the installation tech and he told me to try powering down the receiver to allow updates to load. It didn't help. Some days seem to be worse than others. I did online tech support earlier this evening and he had me power down the receiver and reboot three times in succession to allow updates/reset. This process took almost half an hour. It seemed OK for about 2 hours before it started glitching again.


I am pretty chill but this almost constant problem has my husband cursing at the TV several times a night. At this point I'd rather have no TV than have him driving me crazy about it. I'd like to note that we never had these kinds of picture issues with Time Warner Spectrum. Can anyone fix this?


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Same here. Watching sports is a real problem. This has been going on since they replaced my "old" equipment with a wireless box. They devices are close together. Nothing AT&T suggests works. Frustrating!


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Here to help improve your service, KatMom85.


Please provide more details about what's happening, so we can work on finding a resolution for you. What troubleshooting options have you tried? The Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool on U-verse TV is a good place to start.


We look forward to hearing back from you!


Aminah, AT&T Community Specialist

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