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Friday, May 8th, 2015 10:33 PM

The online program listings now officially useless for any purpose whatsoever

The Uverse online TV listings grid is now completely broken.  To be functional the grid must have three elements visible at once -- (1) the channel numbers, (2) the program listings for those channels, and (3) the timeline.  In other words, the intersection of these three elements might show that (1) NBC is showing (2) Nightly News at (3) 5:30 PM .  For that to work, the timeline must remain fixed on top while you scroll down to reveal more channels, and you must be able to advance the timeline by scrolling to the right (or vice-versa) to see later programs.  It no longer does that.  The timeline is no longer fixed but scrolls with the program listings and so disappears off the top of the screen when you start moving down.  So almost as soon as you start scrolling, you no longer can see times at all, rendering the whole thing utterly useless.  It's pathetic.





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9 years ago

I guess my Guide never updated because it looks like it has always looked. There are no channel symbols like in the photo, just the channel number and name as it always has been.


Never mind, you were talking about the online guide, not the one on the television. I see exactly what you are talking about . I never use the online guide. I use the guide on television and the guide on the U-verse app.






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9 years ago

The customer service with at&t is dreadful and has been since SBC became at&t. While I know they had to change to compete they apparently forgot a few of us actually appreciate contacting people that have the ability to speak English CLEARLY and have the ability to actually help instead of reading from a script. Maybe one day Randal will realize customers will go to the provider they are happyiest with since they all pretty much cost the same.



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9 years ago

This now appears to be fixed....for me anyways.




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9 years ago

The online tv guide is working for me too. Only the channel rows scroll up and down, leaving the "time" row static at the top. Nice, but I never use it...I just use the guide on the tv with my remote.

ACE - Expert


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9 years ago

Yes, this was fixed about June 5th.  There was another thread, and I posted a reply saying it was fixed in that thread, but I apparently missed this one.


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