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Sat, Sep 8, 2018 7:00 PM

The Gift of Customer Feedback - August 2018

A UVerse customer for many years, I wanted to take the time to provide feedback to ATT, hoping they may want it - and act on it.

Years ago our company and my family used ATT wireless.  Then my daughter in college hardly had service and a very nice ATT support rep said she would send a new SIM for her to try, and if that didn't work, we could cancel her one line. It didn't, walked into the local retail store (owned, not a franchise), the associate read the note on the account and it was cancelled. Done, we thought, until I got the bill with a $175 cancellation charge. When I called the rep said "sorry, but they were not authorized to tell you that", you will have to pay etc..  When I asked for her manager, he said the same.  On a recorded line I said they would have to come for the money and cancelled 4 lines, pulled my company's 110 or so lines  and have been on Verizon since 2001. 17 years seems a long time to hold a grudge but its been about that for Comcast too.


ATT Uverse has been overall great over the years and we really enjoy the service. Only glitch was a sales rep, on chat, telling me I could reduce my monthly payments for a specific set of services for a certain dollar amount, then have it in a written chat and, getting the next bill, finding it went up and..yep, you guessed it, he was not authorized to promise and tell me that.  Furious, I posted on Facebook my anger and details.  Within two hours, a rep from the "Social Media Team" was on the phone and asked me to send an email of the chat. I did, she called back and I got the quoted price and services, firm for two years with no commitment.


ATT: here is what you need to know:  All of my 3 TV's are now equipped with Roku streaming devices, and will probably go with your internet and DIRECTV NOW. That is, unless you don't beat the price of Comcast, or others, that will multiply by next June with new 5G broadband options.  That's it. Two strikes spread out over almost 20 years. Please don't make a third.  Live long and prosper.

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