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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 7:51 PM

Problems using remote option in app

One of the reasons why I switched to att from Comcast is because they said their app could control each cable box independently.  Although Comcast’s solution is MUCH better by pairing each remote to a single tv box, I was willing to use the U-verse app to do this .  However, the app rarely works. The has occasionally worked.  But the whole point of having multiple cable boxes was to be able to watch multiple TVs in the same room, especially during football season.  Well U-verse struck out and football season is over now.  


Att has wireless boxes and this was a selling feature.  Comcast wireless boxes coming.  And they have had singular paired remotes for years.  Their remote is far superior over att.  Their remote has voice control. And their on demand is also much better.  Some att cable tv show’s on demand are not even in hd!  Att has better internet upload speeds using fiber.  But besides that and wireless boxes, Comcast is a far superior service for cable, internet and phone.


att has not lived up to their promises at the time of Sale.  The apps issues are a big broken promise for me.  When will they resolve the remote control reliability issues?

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