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Sat, Feb 20, 2016 3:02 AM

Paying extra $10 to watch HD TV?

Why do I have to pay extra $10.00 to High Definition TV with a U200 TV package?  The package states in its definition of the program as you are selling that.:

1- Up to 200 channels,

2- Includes HD Channels and

3- content, and access to U-verse on demand programs. 


But I have to pay extra $10 to watch HD channels including my locals channels.. REALLY?

I can get free local channels with with super HD at no cost.  and based on the bill I read, you are charging my community $83 monthly for this package. and I have to pay extra $10.00 for HD. that is outrage. This is the USA and the year is 2016 where HD is a standard and NO one in the US should be paying extra for HD.   Comcast offer better service with HD included.

So I am going to talk to the representative for this rip-off and complain and to let the other residents know about this rip-off.





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3 years ago

Technology fee that's funny. Do you remember when they used to charge you for text messages back in the day. Looking back it's just kind of silly just like charging extra for HD.... technology fee lol.





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3 years ago

Be happy the uverse wasn't around when they "invented" color tv or we would still also probably be paying extra for that too!   I only got HD as part of a u300 promo package a couple of years ago (when they actually had  decent promos for uverse users).  Before that I was quite happy with SD (IMO basically the same information content anyhow) and it was just the principle of the thing.  I swore I would never separately pay for HD. 


When my promo was ove and went back to U200 I broke down and reluctantly started paying the $10, not because I wanted to continue using the HD, but because I was too lazy to reprogram all my many series records to the SD counterparts because the stupid series record settings don't allow you simply change the channel for an entry.  90% of those many entries simply require subtracting 1000 from the channel number.  It was bad enough going from the SD I once had to the HD series record in the promo.  I really don't want to go through with all that again going back.  I bet that series record limitation is no accident specifically to cause this kind of headache.



Note, assuming when HD was first introduced there was additional equipment att needed to handle it (certainly was for the tv stations).  Maybe it made sense to charge extra to pay the HD equipment and transmission changes.  But by now those costs are more than covered and $10 for each HD subscriber sounds to me like way more than it should cost to maintain that additional equipment.

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3 years ago

@David4820  For someone who claims that they've dropped Uverse and gone with another provider, you sure hang out on the UVerse TV forums a lot!   Smiley Frustrated


Not that there's anything wrong with that....  Smiley LOL

Don't mess with old people.  The older we get, the less "Life in Prison" is a deterrent.

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