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Fri, May 10, 2013 1:14 AM

Pausing a show in one room and continue in another

Trying to figure out how to pause a show in one room and continue in another room as they advertise.




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a year ago

Thanks alot for the tip, @_xyzzy_  I. FYI, I had asked Cincinnati Bell's chat rep a if there was ANY discussion forum for their service and they were clueless so that is a great thing to know! (Also their "Help" pages only contain minimally useful info, sadly, little more than "getting started" level stuff. I would hope AT&T UVERSE has better assistance online. And at least they host THIS excellent forum.)


And, um, yea... I know, _xyzzy_ & @skeeterintexas. WRONG FORUM FOR WRONG SERVICE. OOPS! I goofed up. Brain flatulence (lol, the page won't let me use the 4-letter colloquial term, chastising me "You used a bad word," which is the 1st time I ever saw a chat engine scold someone for that in that way! HA!!)


Some time after aforementioned useless chat with Cincy Bell, I was Googling for discussion on some other issues with my FIOPTICS service, stumbled across this question/answer, and somehow stupidly & accidentally conflated my AT&T account for my PHONE service with my Cincinnati Bell FIOPTICS TV service... As you probably know AT&T and the "BELL" companies used to be one and the same (for most of my entire life) and I just hopped right in and started chatting away here!  (I am a software engineer by trade so I am up for even inapplicable geeky chat on techincal and UI topics, Heh!) ANYHOO... After realizing I was in the wrong place, I didn't delete my contribution because it sounded like there is a similar wish for a more convenient way to hop between rooms while pausing either a live or recorded program and pick up in exactly the same spot, and I thought perhaps the services functionalites are for whatever reason very similar. And my explanation seemed a little clearer than the others, but perhaps it may not completely apply to UVERSE. It does sound like the AT&T GUIDE/DVR has some better features than FIOPTICS (by a little anyway) and I may decide to switch after further investigation.

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