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Fri, Jan 22, 2016 10:33 PM

Optical cable connection

What is the optimal set up to connect the uverse box to my HD tv and a soundbar for audio?





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5 years ago

@Bil_Nolan wrote:
What is the optimal set up to connect the uverse box to my HD tv and a soundbar for audio?

Run the optical from the DVR/STB to the soundbar and run HDMI to the TV.  If problems w/HDMI, can use component to the TV and get the same PQ from Uverse as HDMI.


Make sure you turn on Surround Sound on Digital Sound Output under menu>options>audio/language options.


W/an s-20 or 30 remote control can control the soundbar too.  Good luck 😉



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5 years ago

Hi Bil_Nolan


Some HDTVs have a high-definition multimedia Interface (HDMI) connector. The HDMI connector provides both a digital video and audio connection. The HDMI connector can also provide a connection to an HDTV with a DVI input. If your HDTV has a Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connector, you will need an HDMI-to-DVI adaptor and you will need to make a separate audio connection.


Cables Used in This Configuration

1 HDMI-to-HDMI cable or

1 HDMI-to-DVI Adaptor, and

 RCA audio left/right cables


For more help, you can visit various online sources that will provide you detailed information like-




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5 years ago

@Bil_Nolan - RE:What is the optimal set up to connect the uverse box to my HD tv and a soundbar for audio?


From my perspective, there are a couple of basics and a couple of options based on your needs -


The basics are the connection to the STB must be HDMI or component cable & the soundbar requires optical or HDMI for surround sound. Analog is adequate for stereo.


For decisions -


I suppose whether to have surround sound is a decision.


Use TV or sound bar to select input?? - All sources must connect to selector.  TV may also need to connect to sound bar as an input. (will you include Over the Air?)


Always use soundbar for audio or decide TV or SB sound on each viewing?? The first is easier to program the remote the second is more complicated.


Which remote to use ?? -


The old s-10 has least sound bar support, but does have individual device visibility. Support for other devices is limited (iffy).


The newer s-20/30 remote has more aux sound suppport, but no device visibility. Intended for u-verse only.


For a full activity based experience a Logitech Harmony model 650 or higher is required. It is required for optimal setup that includes any other source devices such as DVD, blue-ray, computer, Roku, apple TV, etc.

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