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Mon, Oct 13, 2014 8:22 PM

NHL HD Premier Package Blackout

I upgraded to the HD Premier package so that I would be able to get the NFL redzone channel as well as gain access to the hockey games that are aired across the country on many other sports channels. Since joining this service, I get all of the channels but am blacked out for every single game. No matter if we are in the blackout zone, or if it is in Florida. I am in Wisconsin, and not only does this state not have an NHL team, I also cannot watch any games. Someone make sense of this.




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7 y ago

The blackouts you can blame the NHL on. They only allow for coverage of certian teams to be broadcasted in certian areas. In the case of Wisconson, the team you're allowed to watch is The Minnesota Wild on Fox Sports North/Wisconson.


In order to watch the out of market games you desire, you'll have to subscribe to something called NHL Gamecenter. U-Verse doesn't offer this due to a dispute with NHL over broadcast rights to GameCenter, and the NHL network that went down a few years ago.  However, NHL Gamecenter is avaliable as an online experience here.



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7 y ago

OK. This is the issue I have as a resident of S/E Wisconsin.

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7 y ago

@Bewitching - enter your zip code here.  It will give you a list of pro sports that you can receive via RSN's.  There are other channels that show hockey, so while you can't see every game, there are many.


I picked a random Milwaukee zipcode and this is what I get:

The Zip Code 53202 is the home team territory for the following pro teams:

With the U100 Package and above:

FSN Wisconsin (Ch.744-SD / Ch.1744-HD)
- NBA: Milwaukee Bucks
- MLB: Milwaukee Brewers
- NHL: Minnesota Wild


It does suck because I live in Indianapolis and I have three MLB teams and two NHL teams.  Sorry.

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7 y ago

It's my experience that people get confused when they see the word "blackout." They think blackouts only mean that games aren't shown on local TV if the game isn't sold out.


The above is true in the case of NFL games, although a recent ruling may hint at the end of that.


As already said, NHL, NBA, MLB and MLS games are blacked out on "out of market" channels in order to sell more of the packages those various leagues sell. The only one U-Verse offers is the NBA package, although as said, you can buy those via the league websites and stream them on your computer, tablet, phone, Roku, or possibly even current-model gaming systems.


Sometimes...SOMETIMES... these live broadcasts may not be blacked out because an engineer has "fallen asleep at the wheel", so to speak. These are extremely rare. In past years, sometimes replays of these games are not blacked out. These replays being blacked out are based on the discretion of each league. These replays usually happen later that night or the next morning.


What are these channels good for? Pre-game and post-game shows, coaches "call-in" shows and college sports.


You can blame the leagues on these blackouts. U-Verse is not to blame here.


As already said elsewhere, if you think you could get away with subscribing to the NHL, MLB, MLS and NBA packages for $7/mo...hoo boy... (Although, I think I saw something suggesting the end of these packages, but this probably wouldn't be for quite a while. The leagues obviously love selling these packages.)

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