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Mon, Mar 21, 2016 6:04 PM

My UVerse On Demand Coupons are out of date

I receive regular email promotions for On Demand Movie discounts (50% off) but the choices are out of date when I go to either channel 199 or to the Coupon sub-menu on the On Demand Menu page.  I can scroll through old movie coupons that existed and expired since January.  The latest one I have expired on 3/10/2016.  The new ones being promoted don't show (e.g. Trainwreck, MI5).  I've called UVerse support 3 different times and got:


1) reboot the DVR/System, etc.  Their default solution for everything, but did not resolve the problem.

2) Download and app from the Appstore on such app existed!

3) Order the movie and then call customer billing and complain for a refund.


I suspect there is a better answer and that something is wrong with the On Demand system.



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5 y ago

Hi @AustinDawg,


Sorry to read of the trouble you are having with the coupons. Check out this link. It currently has what is available. You can also see what is available to you via the Set Top Box. Check out this link to learn how. 


You will not have to worry about those emails. 



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5 y ago

I'm assuming this is just a standard response, because it does not address the problem.  I'll be clear, the links you included take you to the menu section for Coupons in the On Demand section of UVerse.  

  • Press On Demand and select Coupons, then press OK.
  • Select your movie and press OK to preview or purchase.
  • No code necessary. Enjoy!

The problem I'm having is that those movies being promoted are not on the menu to select. The movies available are out of date with expirations dates from early March to this past January.  The new movies are not on the list (and yes, I'm scrolling right through the menu to view each one until they repeat again).


As I stated in my original post, the list of new movies is not updating.  Can we get that fixed?

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