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Thu, Aug 8, 2019 6:15 AM

ION channel

I was told I would get ION when I switched from Comcast to u verse. My channel lineup says it’s on 195, it’s not there!!!


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a year ago

I have it on [1]065 but that is for my location and might not be for yours, see below.


The way I found this is I went to the ION website, clicked Find ION, entered my zip, AT&T U-verse was listed below, and when I clicked it below that it showed the th ION uverse channels for my zip.  If you do the same procedure and don't see AT&T U-verse listed for your zip then sorry, it is not carried for your zip.


ION is a local station in my area and so that may be why I can see it if there isn't a nation wide feed (can see it on my antenna as well).  If it is only carried on a local channel that may be the reason you might not see it as possible for your area if it is not listed for your zip.

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