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Thu, Nov 30, 2017 5:40 PM

I'm testing U-Verse switching from Xfinity right now

As I'm always looking to save money, I can get roughly the same service from U-Verse (they just installed fiber in my neighborhood) so I'm testing Gigabyte Internet, U450 & home phone for a nice savings of $80 per month. I didn't cancel Xfinity as I use my 30-day period, so I can switch back if I choose to, Here are some of what my experience has been thus far


Nice picture, extremely fast response time switching channels, live look at what is on in the recent channels list, the ability hide channels in guide, multiview, more HD channels than Xfinity, Internet is 2.5X faster on download and 10X faster on upload speeds, home phone service and features on par if not better


X1 GUI, lack of repeat/new badge and season/episode number in show information, no Netflix and YouTube integration, cast listing and drill down to what they've appeared in, lacking sports information (X1 has a button that displays scores and schedules on your TV), no voice search, remote control layout could be better, no clock on the DVR box, Xfinity is king of On-demand , watch TV on computer


Ha! I may be making up my mind right here, LOL


I have had just 1 weird issue with a Samsung TV UN40FH6030FXZA (that I bought in 2013) it restarts often when I switch channels. The screen will go blank except for a green strip down the right-hand side and then the TV turns off and then back on (like a BSOD in Windows) it will be fine for a while and then poof.  It is using the same HDMI cable used with the  Xfinity box. I tried swapping the cable and which HDMI port was used as well as taking a box from another TV (leaving it at 720p) and trying it. Each with the same result. I'm going to attempt to check for a firmware update for the TV perhaps there is some incompatibility there, as this TV also has a problem with video and audio sync, I have to hit pause (on either live or DVR content) and then play to get it right. I've read quite a few posts about Samsung TVs and U-Verse where the user finally switched to a component cable. 


I explained this to my tech and he had me try a new remote thinking the remote was making the TV reboot, perhaps if it weren't for the lockup and constant audio/video sync problem it may have been. It didn't help as I tried anyway.


Finally, I tried a smaller older VIZIO TV last night and it didn't exhibit the issue, so for sure its the box and the Samsung TV combination, very frustrating.


Just some notes, nothing so completely horrible (I've been eyeing upgrading my bedroom TV for a bit), just some observations from these past 2.5 weeks,


Happy holidays everyone





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5 y مضت

I was able to grab a video displaying what my TV does, I don't know if anyone has any ideas. There isn't a firmware update for the TV either.



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5 y مضت

Good write-up. Looks like you got most of it. The main thing about uverse tv service is to understand the technology doesn't look like it will be enhanced in the long run.

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