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Friday, February 22nd, 2019 4:05 PM

DVR mobile app question

We are debating between Spectrum and AT&T.  The DVR is a big deal to us. I tried chatting with an AT&T Agent but I'm still unclear.


  1. Can we record a program to the DVR and then save it to an iPAD via AT&T's app and watch it outside the house? 
  2. Can we watch it without streaming it (like on an airplane)?
  3. Can my wife have an app on her iPAD and I have the app on mine and save our shows to both?


Not sure if you know what a plex sever is but that is what we currently use. Since AT&T does not have cable cards we are going to need to abandon the Plex server. We are hoping AT&T mobile apps will work.


If we went with Spectrum we could use cable cards and keep Plex.  But spectrum does not have a whole home DVR solution (so dumb!).


Love any answers, ideas or insights...


Thanks in advance!




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5 years ago

One of the shortcomings of the U-verse app is that it doesn't support viewing recorded shows from your DVR. You can control and program the DVR from the app, and you can watch selected live TV shows (streamed) and On Demand, but you can't watch recorded shows. Sounds like with your priorities, U-verse may not be a good option for you.



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5 years ago

The U-verse app is not really mobile (watch the nose grow) unless in most cases you have a subscription to a mobile app independent of what you purchased on U-verse.  I believe this stems from agreements between AT&T and entertainment subscribers.  I believe that AT&T U-verse blocks these non-subscribed apps without making it clear to potential customers.  It is probably there in the fine print somewhere.  (It turns out that in some cases you can see your U-verse data over cellular networks).   I am looking for a supplier of entertainment that allows you to travel and still see your games, movies etc that you pay for while you are not at home to watch.  Bundles will loose value to the buyer from this.  Good mobile apps are out there from known entertainment suppliers.   I know of one but AT&T just purchased them a short while back.  Say goodby to that wonderful, working app.  I wonder if I will be forced drop the service because I would no longer be allowed to steam internet news etc.

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