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Sunday, October 26th, 2014 12:25 AM

Download U-verse app from Google Play to cell phone is failing

I have installed the U-verse app, downloaded from Google Play, on my Samsung cell phone.  I will state, up front, that my cell service provider is not AT&T.


I will also state that the service provider for the cell phone has nothing to do with the problem.


When I connect to Google Play, and it tells me I have 4 apps that can be updated, and 3 of the 4 successfully update, and the 4th does not, I have to believe the problem is with that file on the server, or with the server itself.


The update procedes to 40% (13.24MB of 32.63MB), stops downloading and tries to install.  This fails with the message "Package file is invalid."  The reason, I think, is obvious.  Only part of the file downloaded, so there is no proper 'end' to it.


I have tried multiple times, in case it was a network issue.  I have freed internal storage space by moving apps to the SD card and deleting several I no longer need.  Free space went from just over 100 MB to over 400 MB.  The download still fails, and it fails in the exact same place, every time.


I also tried to download once over 3G, which was very slow.  It also failed, at the exact same 40% complete, and tried to install.  This clearly eliminates network issues as a possible cause of the problem.


I assert that this is not a problem with my cell phone and does not belong with my cell service.  It is not a network issue and does not belong with my network service provider, who happens to be AT&T.


This is a problem with the file itself or the disk storage holding it, on the server used by Google Play.


I do not have any relationship with Google for Google Play, to be able to contact them to fix this.  My only course of action is through AT&T support.


Which, to echo some other posts I've seen, has been abysmal.  The prime assumption support seems to make is that the problem is at my end of the connections.  Which implies everything else is working fine and does not need to be analyzed.  This is the wrong way to go about support.


I used to work in support, as a second level engineer.  I don't see this sort of multi-level support being available through AT&T.  Perhaps it should be added.



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10 years ago

We missed something ...


I downloaded and installed a game, which installed without issues.


The AT&T Uverse app still fails to download properly, causing the install to fail.  There is no resolution to that issue as yet.


As for your explanation, I can understand it from the standpoint of monetary charges.  From the standpoint of software development, I would think the app would generate an 'out of space' error during operation, rather than trying to "reserve" space prior to installing.


Besides, reserving almost all of the internal storage, when there's a large amount of free space available on the SD card, doesn't make sense either.  The app may need to stay on internal storage for some reason, but there's no reason some of the data it might want couldn't be stored elsewhere.



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10 years ago

Hi Bob,


I am still at a lost why it is not working. I was researching other issues that may cause an app from installing, and the only other thing I could find that was not tried, besides doing a full factory reset on the phone, is to update the Googe Play Store App. To do so:


  1. Open your device's main Settings menu.
  2. Touch Apps or Application manager (depending on your device, this may be different).
  3. Select the Google Play Store app Google Play Store.
  4. Touch Uninstall updates.
  5. When prompted to change the Play Store app back to the factory version, touch OK.
  6. Go to your device's main All apps menu.
  7. Open the Play Store app.
  8. Go back to your device's home screen.

-David T

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